My passion for glass began in the mid-seventies when the traditional apprenticeship system in the industry had broken down, opening up new opportunities for individual artists. Stained glass was a perfect fit with my education in art history and architecture. After all, by definition, it is "architectural art". My first heroes were Tiffany, Frank Lloyd Wright, Rennie Mackintosh and other Art Nouveau, Art Deco and Mission Style visionaries.

A commission piece reflects the co-operative, creative process between the artist and the client. I listen intently for how they describe the feeling they want to create in their surroundings... I become a "design detective" searching for clues in their choices of decorative color, furniture, and interests. I want to adorn their home with "window jewelry", similar to the way they would adorn themselves with elegant clothing.

Armed with a knowledge of the craft, a glass artist must show off the glass to it's potential and have the technical mastery to build a structurally sound panel for installation while handling the limitations of the medium as well. It's an orchestration of line, form, color, texture and light singing in harmony.

Glasswork has become more than a living... it is a personal lifestyle. It relates to architecture, interior design and fine art. Many talented people in those arenas have enriched my world with their influence and encouragement. In turn, I support others in their artistic development through classes, apprenticeships, local school groups, and my involvement in Western New York art organizations... while my life continues to evolve as a creative adventure.

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